The New ETSUS Poop Bag Dispenser

ETSUS Eco friendly dispenser


Introducing ETSUS NEW poop bag dispenser to carry all your eco-friendly pet poop bags when walking your furry friends. So, why is this dispenser so useful to anyone?

ETSUS new pet poop bag dispenser comes with 100 per cent compostable dog waste bags, is gender neutral and easy to clip onto your dog’s collar or your own pants, in a simple grey and brown style.


Who Are ETSUS?

ETSUS are passionate about helping you reduce your environmental footprint through information, top tips and eco-friendly products such as:

  • Pet poop bags
  • Trash bags in different sizes
  • Pet poop bag dispenser.

All 100 per cent compostable or biodegradable and made from renewable materials. Also all available online. ETSUS stands for Ethical and Sustainable and are a family-run project out of frustration that it wasn’t easy to help the planet

Our journey to produce a range of everyday sustainable consumables has been a real eye-opener. The truly devastating impact of plastic on our planet cannot be under-estimated. But where does change start? 

We believe it is the responsibility of manufacturers to produce more sustainable goods. But like us, manufacturers need the support of consumers in order to grow and become the easy choice. This lowers the cost of manufacturing and distribution, plus encourages large stores to stock such products.

As living beings on planet earth, we need to consume to live. We want to make it easier for everyday people to consume in a more sustainable fashion.


What Is ETSUS’ Goal?

Our goal personally and professionally is to make it easy to care for our earth with a range of ethically produced and sustainable everyday goods! We are passionate about leaving – and helping others to leave – a positive mark on the world.

We do this by helping people understand the impact that using items like plastic make on the environment from soil and air to water and wildlife. We also do this by showing people the alternatives available AND how they can access.


What Is The ETSUS Biodegradable Trash Bag?

For the eco-conscious, the exciting news is that companies such as ETSUS have been introducing sustainable trash bags that you can use and reduce your environmental footprint. Our first compostable product in the range includes 13-gallon trash bags.

This means that you can use your trash bag knowing that it can break down completely into natural matter when disposed of correctly. These compostable bags will fit in a standard four-to-six-gallon trash can which is perfect for your bathroom, office, bedroom or even a small kitchen bin! They are 100 per cent compostable and eco-friendly, made of sustainably grown corn starch.

Consider purchasing an ETSUS trash bag for your indoor, home bins and start taking steps toward reducing your environmental impact.

Etsus Biodegradable Trash Bags

What Are Other ETSUS Products?

ETSUS also sells pet poop bags and pet poop bag dispensers. You can purchase compostable pet poop bags right here from this website. We offer 120 bags made from corn starch in each roll, with eight rolls a packet! You also get a free dispenser with every purchase. This means an easier way to carry your dog poop bags on your walk.

These bags will:

  • Compost 100% naturally.
  • Eliminate odor.
  • Will not tear or break.
  • Won’t leak.
  • Will contribute to great fertilizer.
  • Reduce your contributions to landfill.

Visit our shop now to purchase.


What Are The Benefits Of Using ETSUS Trash Bags?

Our trash bags provide a wonderfully environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic garbage bags. They are 100 per cent compostable when disposed of in an industrial composting facility, home composter or worm farm. 

They also don’t release toxic chemicals when being decomposed which is a win for the environment, wildlife and humans. The key to getting the most benefits from your ETSUS compostable trash bags is to ensure they are disposed of correctly AND the waste inside is also compostable.

You can rest assured your choice to purchase ETSUS compostable bags is lowering your environmental footprint. You are also contributing to the growth of the bioplastics market and encouraging the manufacturing of this plastic alternative.

This support also helps to grow job opportunities and growth in rural areas across the world that are used to produce the natural materials required (such as crops).

Read more about the bioplastic market here.

Who Are The Eco Warriors?

Our eco warriors are people interested in lowering their environmental footprint and making eco-friendly, sustainable choices in their everyday lives! We’re on a mission to research the best sustainable products and research the important questions.

Our website houses the important answers from passionate people (not scientists!) to help you:

  • Understand the impact of plastics on the environment
  • Learn more about how you can compost at home
  • Explore the ways you can reduce your environmental footprint
  • Understand banning of plastics and which countries have already done this
  • Know more about the dangers of plastic
  • Understand the different choices available to you to reduce your plastic use
  • Empower you to take small steps to start your journey!

Visit our eco warrior blogs here.

Eco Warrior Test

How Can You Dispose Of Biodegradable Dog Poop Or Trash Bags?

Biodegradable bags are easy to dispose of – being able to be thrown into landfill. This means that you can dispose of your dog poop or kitchen trash in its bag in your normal garbage bin or in public garbage bins. So next time you’re at the dog park or walking your dog, you can dispose of your biodegradable dog poop bag in the bin.

However, do be aware that when breaking down into landfill, biodegradable plastic can leave behind toxic residue. They also can’t be disposed of in a composter or worm farm or they will contaminate the whole batch.


How Can You Dispose Of Compostable Dog Poop And Trash Bags?

Compostable plastic bags can be disposed of in an industrial composter (in large quantities), a home composter or a worm farm. However, it’s important to understand the exclusions to these disposal methods.

  1. If you’re disposing of in an industrial composting facility, make sure that facility takes dog or animal waste first.
  2. If you’re disposing of in your home composter, be wary of the acid that the dog poop will add to your compost. Consider emptying the bag first – you can flush this down the toilet depending on your sewerage situation or use as fertilizer in your garden.
  3. If you’re disposing of dog poop bags or kitchen waste and trash bags into your worm farm, follow the instructions above, being careful of too much acidity in your farm. You may want to take the dog poop out as above but worms will also eat animal waste.


Where Can You Buy Biodegradable And Compostable Dog Poop And Trash Bags?

If you’re interested in lowering your environmental impact with your dog poop and household waste disposal, you’ll be excited to learn that compostable and biodegradable bags are becoming more and more accessible and cost effective.

You can purchase compostable (arguably the best type!) pet poop bags right here from this website! You can also purchase various size trash bags for use in your kitchen or outdoor bins.


What Is The Benefit Of Using A Plastic Alternative?

Bioplastics are plastic alternatives that are made from renewable sources such as organic materials. Two examples of a bioplastic are compostable plastic and biodegradable plastic. This essentially means that these plastics are more sustainable and environmentally friendly than traditional plastics which cause several issues for the environment.

Biodegradable plastic is made to break down faster with specially designed microbes that speed up the decomposing process. Biodegradable plastic is also often known as ‘bio-based’ plastic as it still contains some toxic chemicals, unlike compostable plastic. 

Biodegradable plastic is often made by extracting the sugar from plants like corn and sugarcane. These are then converted into polylactic acids. Another way to make biodegradable plastic is to engineer it from microorganisms which are made to break down the plastic quicker.

Compostable plastic is an alternative to the typical toxic plastic most popular items such as plastic bags have been made from for decades. A ‘next-generation’ plastic, compostable plastic is made from renewable materials that will break down when they start to compost.

The biggest benefit of using a plastic alternative for your dog poop and trash bags – such as compostable or biodegradable – is that you will be reducing your environmental footprint in several ways. A typical plastic bag can take centuries to thousands of years to break down in landfill.

You can learn more about the difference between compostable and biodegradable in this article.

Renewable Materials


Finding plastic alternatives such as the bioplastics, biodegradable and compostable, provide excellent alternatives to traditional plastic for your everyday needs, such as dog poop bags. Compostable pet poop bags such as the ones we sell, provide you with a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable option for disposing of your dog’s poop.

You can dispose of biodegradable plastic bags in landfill and know they will break down more rapidly than traditional plastic. However, compostable plastic can be disposed of in an industrial composting facility, your home composter or your worm farm to return to a completely natural state.

If you’re looking to take small (or large) steps toward living more sustainably and reducing your environmental footprint, consider purchasing compostable dog poop bags or trash. We also now offer a stylish pet poop bag dispenser!



    We’re on the mission to research the best sustainable products and these are what we found, these are the questions that we are asking. Disclaimer, we are not scientist but we are heavy researchers and we are passionate about sustainability.