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240 Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags Amazon Store



  • 🌱  GUILT-FREE POOP DISPOSAL: Your pet’s poop is 100% compostable, so dispose it in a compostable dog poop bags. It takes 10-20 years for plastic bags to decompose. With ETSUS doggie poop bags biodegradable you can dispose of your pet poop knowing 100% of it (inside and out) will harmlessly break down in nature.
  • 🌱  THIS STUFF REALLY IS COMPOSTABLE: Not all dog waste bags biodegradable are the same. Each of your ETSUS compostable bags is made using plant sourced corn starch that meets the US ASTM D6868 standard for composting in an industrial composting facility. This kind of dog poop bag has a lower carbon footprint and lower greenhouse gas emissions than PE plastics. It can also biodegrade in a home composting environment.
  • 🌱  STRONGER & THICKER: Nobody wants to use flimsy dog waste bag that tear! Yuck! Our eco friendly pet waste bags are manufactured to be extra strong and thick so they are tough on poop but gentle on the environment.
  • 🌱  GOT XL POOP?: Our biodegradable poop bag measures 9 x 13 inches and is right for all dogs and cat breeds. You can rely on these compostable poop bags for dogs to be leakproof – making them the perfect choice for any pet owner.
  • 🌱  WHAT’S INCLUDED: Each pack comes with 240 plant based poop bags or 16 refill rolls to provide you with a convenient way to carry and use the eco friendly poop bags anytime and anywhere you want without any hassles.


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