Free e-Book to All Our Customers

ETSUS Free e-Book

We are excited that you are reading this blog. This has been a dream since we started this business in October 2019. Our first product is the 13-15gal biodegradable trash bags and soon our pet poop bags will be in stock.  Before the end of 2020, we are planning to add 3 more kinds of compostable trash bags.

A free eBook “5 Easy Steps to Reduce Kitchen Waste” will accompany your purchase of our eco-friendly trash bags. We want to give an added value to all our customers who are consciously taking actions to lessen their carbon footprint in this world.

What’s inside:

  • Shopping smarter
  • Eating smarter
  • Composting
  • Using Biodegradable Packaging

Our goal is that this eBook will further inspire you to create a more sustainable home. Let us know about your journey. We are keen to hear the changes you make with the help of this eBook.

If you are a newbie to this cause, remember what Lao Tzu has said: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

You can make a difference.


To download your eBook. Scan the QR Code using your phone’s camera.



    We’re on the mission to research the best sustainable products and these are what we found, these are the questions that we are asking. Disclaimer, we are not scientist but we are heavy researchers and we are passionate about sustainability.