Frequently Asked Questions

Where are these bags manufactured?

Our biodegradable kitchen trash bag materials are sourced internationally and manufactured specifically for ETSUS at our factory in China. We have vetted many manufacturers to partner with one of the leaders in biodegradable plastic technology to bring you a superior quality trash bag, that doesn’t cost the Earth ????

How long do these bags take to actually break down? And under what “certain conditions”?

This will of course vary depending on the conditions of the disposal site, but as a general rule; our biodegradable kitchen trash bags harmlessly biodegrade on land or sea within 12 months.

What material are these bags made from?

Our tall kitchen trash bags are made using a corn-based resin known as polylactic acid (PLA) ????. This is an exciting technology that is poised to become “the future of plastic” in a post-petroleum world. PLA is biodegradable and in principle compostable, meaning that it will break down under certain conditions into harmless natural compounds.

Our garbage bags are also extra thick giving you the strength of traditional plastic bin liners while delivering an eco-friendly outcome for the world. With that said, no point having a biodegradable bag if the contents are not eco-friendly! So to help you out, with every purchase we’re including a FREE eBook on how to reduce kitchen waste and create a more sustainable home ????

Can these (13-15gal tall kitchen trash bag) fit on a 20″ diameter round trash can?

The best way to know the size of your trash bag is to measure the diameter (or width of your trash can) and multiply by 3.14 (pi). Then divide by 2. The answer will be the width of your trash bag.

For Example:

Diameter = 20″.

Width of trash bag = 20 x 3.14 = 62.8”.

62.8” divided by 2 = 31.4″

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