ETSUS: Giving Back To Pets In Foster Care

ETSUS Giving Back To Pets In Foster Care


There are many ways to give back to the community and environment, with many eco-friendly groups such as ETSUS supporting other local causes close to their hearts.

ETSUS – leaders in providing biodegradable and compostable alternatives across the globe – support Australian pet rescue, Claws ‘N’ Paws. The group is a Central Coast NSW Charity not-for-profit group which rehomes pets in need and helps them to find a safe and loving permanent home.



ETSUS are passionate about helping you reduce your environmental footprint through information, top tips and eco-friendly products such as:

  • Pet poop bags
  • Trash bags in different sizes
  • Pet poop bag dispenser.

All 100 per cent compostable or biodegradable and made from renewable materials. Also all available online. ETSUS stands for Ethical and Sustainable and are a family-run project out of frustration that it wasn’t easy to help the planet

Our journey to produce a range of everyday sustainable consumables has been a real eye-opener. The truly devastating impact of plastic on our planet cannot be under-estimated. But where does change start? 

We believe it is the responsibility of manufacturers to produce more sustainable goods. But like us, manufacturers need the support of consumers in order to grow and become the easy choice. This lowers the cost of manufacturing and distribution, plus encourages large stores to stock such products.

As living beings on planet earth, we need to consume to live. We want to make it easier for everyday people to consume in a more sustainable fashion.


What Do ETSUS Believe?

Our goal personally and professionally is to make it easy to care for our earth with a range of ethically produced and sustainable everyday goods! We are passionate about leaving – and helping others to leave – a positive mark on the world.

We do this by helping people understand the impact that using items like plastic makes on the environment from soil and air to water and wildlife. We also do this by showing people the alternatives available AND how they can access.

We also believe in supporting good causes that make the world a better place – such as supporting Claws n Paws and other organizations just like them. We can all do our small part to make our world, environment, animals and humans just that little bit better.

Don't Destroy Our Earth

What Organization Does ETSUS Support?

ETSUS support both monetarily and promotionally, Claws ‘N’ Paws, a pet rescue located in New South Wales, Australia. The focus of Claws ‘N’ Paws is to offer rescue animals loving care and finding them a safe and happy new home.

Animals are fed a natural, raw, healthy diet as well as training required to rehome the animals. They also provide education to new owners on how to train, enrich and provide a healthy diet for the animals they rehome.

ETSUS are proud to support Claws ‘N’ Paws with donations from each purchase! Knowing that when you purchase from ETSUS, you are not only supporting the environment and reducing your environmental footprint but also supporting this animal rescue will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling!

Check out ETSUS selection of products here.


Who Are Claws ‘N’ Paws?

Christina Pirie rescued her dog Zaffy in 2010 as a foster carer and decided to launch her own group in 2011 after seeing the overwhelming need for animals to be fostered and rehomed. The organization focuses on providing all required vet treatments and taking care of the animals before they can be rehomed.

With the support of her two children, Christina runs the highly organized group, with a background in herbal medicine for animals and massage for animals. She is a registered microchipper and has completed a TAFE qualification in Animal Studies.

Christina, along with her group of foster carers, is able to rescule adult, juvenile and baby dogs and cats on a regular basis with the mission to rehome them to their forever home. Claws ‘N’ Paws has a goal to also provide desexing services to animals in need in the community and also support national and international animal rescue associations.

Christina’s daughter Tatiana plans to become a vet with a large property for foster animals.


How Can You  Help Paws N Claws?

There are several ways you can help Paws N Claws – or even a pet rescue near you! Here’s some of the ways:

  • Support companies such as ETSUS who donate to these rescues
  • Donate directly to the rescue
  • Become a foster carer
  • Help share the world on social media, to friends, colleagues and family
  • Help transport pets to and from pounds, vets, other carers
  • Collect donations of food, bedding, blankets, toys, and other pet products
  • Run a fundraising event or drive to raise money
  • Offer to help with administrative work or managing content/social media/website if you have those skills
  • See if you can volunteer at the rescue in some capacity.

ETSUS Compostable Bags

How Can You Apply As Foster Pet Parent?

If you’re interested in foster caring for rescued pets, think carefully about the time, space and attention the pets will need before applying. If you’re sure you can provide these pets with the attention, training, love and supplies they will need, then get started!

You will need to put through an application which basically asks for your personal details and why you want to foster care.  You will also be asked about other pets you may have, what animals you’d like to foster and the space they would be living in.

Paws N Claws then process your application which can take time being a volunteer-run agency. Once your application is processed they will invite you to a private Facebook Foster Carers group where you can connect with other carers and ask questions.

When an animal needs care, you will get a call OR they will post in the Facebook group for interest. 

What To Prepare For Taking Care Of A Foster Pet?

So you’ve gotten the call that you’re getting your first foster – that’s great news! Now you need to prepare for the pet’s arrival. The rescue will organize a time that suits both parties to either drop the pet to you or have you collect them.

You should consider in preparation:

  • Make sure the pet’s arrival time is quiet and peaceful
  • Provide a separate area for the pet so they can have some space on arrival
  • Make sure you have food, water, a bed/bedding, litter tray (for cats) and toys applicable to the type of animal – note Paws N Claws will often supply you with the basics.
  • Introduce any other people, children or pets one at a time with some space such as a doorway or gate. Make sure that any aggression or fear ends in the animals/people and animal being separated for a bit
  • Keep the animal inside to start as they transition
  • Make sure you have adequate fencing, a lead and the animal is vaccinated before venturing out in public
  • Become familiar with your support workers – they are your ‘go-to’ people and can answer any questions plus provide advice and supplies.

Read more about the foster process here. 


What Do ETSUS Sell?

So you’ve decided you want to support ETSUS as they support Paws N Claws pet rescue? That’s excellent, and you can find some great, eco-friendly items in the online store! 

ETSUS have been introducing sustainable trash bags that you can use and reduce your environmental footprint. Our first compostable product in the range includes 13-gallon trash bags.

This means that you can use your trash bag knowing that it can break down completely into natural matter when disposed of correctly. These compostable bags will fit in a standard four-to-six-gallon trash can which is perfect for your bathroom, office, bedroom or even a small kitchen bin! They are 100 per cent compostable and eco-friendly, made of sustainably grown corn starch.

Consider purchasing an ETSUS trash bag for your indoor, home bins and start taking steps toward reducing your environmental impact.

ETSUS also sells pet poop bags and pet poop bag dispensers. We offer 120 bags made from corn starch in each roll, with eight rolls a packet! You also get a free dispenser with every purchase. This means an easier way to carry your dog poop bags on your walk.

All our compostable products will:

  • Compost 100% naturally.
  • Eliminate odor.
  • Will not tear or break.
  • Won’t leak.
  • Will contribute to great fertilizer.
  • Reduce your contributions to landfill.

Visit our shop now to purchase.

Etsus Biodegradable Trash Bags


We’re so glad you found this blog and are now considering your impact on the environment and also greater good. There are so many ways we can give back to our environment AND our community, one of which being helping rescued animals.

As we’ve discussed, ETSUS support an Australian pet rescue called Paws N Claws and you can help too! You can either support the rescue direct or know that any item you purchase from our online store will go toward their work.

So by reducing your environmental footprint, you can also support rescued animals in Australia. How cool is that? We’re excited that you’re on this journey with us as we support Paws N Claws to rehome pets in need.

Paws N Claws would also like to hear from locals who are skilled in the areas of fundraising, sponsorship, administration or available to foster pets. Find out more at their website: or email them at [email protected] .



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