It will take 20 years for this plastic bag to breakdown.

Even then it will still create harmful microplastics.

Don't Destroy Our Earth


If humans understood (and cared) about their direct impact on the Earth, they may think twice about reaching for their next plastic bottle of water. After discarding it, the bottle would take a whopping 450 years to decompose.

I guess you’re here because like us, you’re one of the Eco Heroes that do care. Thank you. 

We’re on a mission to make it easy to care for our Earth with a range of ethically produced and sustainable everyday goods.

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``Love them! Will buy again.
These are great. Not too much more expensive than regular trash bags. I filled them to the brim and haven’t had a problem with tearing it anything. I hate putting plastic into landfills, so these are a great alternative.``

ETSUS Testimonial 2

``FINALLY a biodegradable bag that fits our trash can!
All those green bags are too short and wide for the average kitchen garbage can. These fit, and have ties! They stay intact with wet garbage like coffee grounds in them, the way biodegradable bags (as opposed to compostable bags) should.``

ETSUS Testimonial 2

``Biodegradable with a tie.
These bags are great. They don't feel like they will tear like the other brands with the green biodegradable versions. I'm loving the price and all the environmental benefits.``

ETSUS Testimonial 3

``Great bags. Making my repeat purchase.
Making my first repeat purchase. These bags are just like Glad and other kitchen bags with a draw string. They are sturdy, holding all the stuff our teens dump in them.``

``Better than plastic.
If you are looking for biodegradable bags that perform as well as worthless plastic pollution. Buy these.``

ETSUS Testimonial 5

``Repeat Purchaser!
No scent, but nice and strong!``

ETSUS Testimonial 6



In the last 7 days how many of these items have you used? Understanding the impact of your consumption is the first step to leaving a more positive mark on the world. 

The Lifecycle of Plastics
Image courtesy of WWF - The Lifecycle of Plastics


ETSUS stands for Ethical & Sustainable. We are a family-run project that grew out of frustration. 

Frustration that we wanted to do the right thing for our planet, but it wasn’t so easy. Turns out, it’s easier and much cheaper to find destructive goods than eco-friendly alternatives. 

Our journey to produce a range of everyday sustainable consumables has been a real eye-opener. The truly devastating impact of plastic on our planet cannot be under-estimated. But where does change start? 

We believe it is the responsibility of manufacturers to produce more sustainable goods. But like us, manufacturers need the support of consumers in order to grow and become the easy choice. 

As living beings on planet earth, we need to consume to live. We want to make it easier for everyday people to consume in a more sustainable fashion. 


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